Over the years interning at Coffee House Writers, I came to love the editing side. Now, I am sharing it with you.

I give you all I can in the field of editing to help ease your mind and pocketbook. That is why spaces are limited, and the prices are below editorial rates.

I edit one novel, anthology, or collection book at a time. It is on a first-come, first-edit basis. This is how I give you and your book 100% of my attention. 


Are you part of the Coffee House Writers Remote Program? Special rates for those taking part over six months.

I have one opening for a short story or a collection of short stories. 

What I will edit

What I will not edit

  • YA fiction 
  • NA fiction 
  • Adult fiction
  • Speculative Fiction  
  • Nonfiction 
  • Historical
  • Erotica
  • Poems
  • Anything with intense abuse, rape, or harassment that is a recurring theme.